Monday, June 25, 2007


We had a family gathering at one of my restaurants. Apart from eating the buffet spread out before us, I decided that I need to do something to make the event meaningful to everyone. We have seen gatherings that ended with just people eating, people having small talk and then leave.

So, I decided to get some of the family members to speak and inspire others with their experiences overseas, studying and working. Since the family ada jua kanak2 damit yang bersekolah, the speeches made a good impact on their life perspectives especially to be successful and to do well in life. Speeches were also made on the kids to prevent from being involved in illicit activities such as drugs and to keep the good name of the family. Good luck kids!!

I have asked Zimboy to speak about the challenges in getting the government scholarship and his first year experience in studying in England.

Jeeb's speech was rather inspiring..especially his stories of being an army recruit and how he keep his spirits high especially during training in the jungle and during fasting months. Way to go Jeeb!

FJ spoke about his studying experience and reminded the other cuzzies on the need to study hard in order to achieve higher education and better job opportunities.

Ahli2 penkritik tetap kita.. Bukan AF ni..> hahaaa.a. anak2 ku kali ahhh!!

Semua tekun mendengar.. alhamdulillah.. Durang ani semua baik2. bah!! Sweetcherry ada bercerita pasal perbedzaan pengalaman nya bekeraja d sektor swasta dan kerajaan.

Dayang TwinkleBaby... mintal2 rambut sambil tekun mendengar nasihat yang di kongsikan...

Ani lagi tah!! Orang sibuk2 membari ceramah. abis durang ani.. nda mau2.. GAMEBOY!! jua.. Hehee. kanak2.. kesian.. durang ani.. members.. nda dapat becarai.. ke mana-mana saja..

Akhir kata.. thank you everyone for menjayakan sessi motivasi kita.. mudah2an.. kitani dapat iktibar dan belajar dari nya..

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