Friday, February 29, 2008

Arab-families @ Fish Spa Therapy

Ahlan,Marhabban, Mabruk!!!
Have you heard of Rejuvenating Fish Spa Therapy?
or they called it "Doctor Fish".
Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa
has the pleasure to introduce a revitalise treatment in Beauty and Wellness.

Today they... employs 'Doctor Fish" finned employees for the use in the exfoliation of the feet to produce healthy,glowing skin results from even most crusty or diseased epidermis.
What you have to do is to dipped your feet in these water for 15 minutes or more,
Let these little "masseurs" nibble away your dead skin and pamper your feet to a pleasant sensation and relaxation of "micro-massage"
Arab-families with the new experience...Fish Spa Therapy!!!

Treat your tired feet to a refreshing 30 minutes therapy by dipping your feet into a pool of Garra Rufa, also known as "Doctor Fish"

I feel good about it !!!! and you must try!!!
You may visit Fish Spa Therapy, KENKO Reflexology & Fish Spa at Pavilion.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Arab-Twin Princes Birthday Trip...Final Day.

As we promised to entertain the Twin Princes to a shopping treats at the final day,
so we started from KLCC, for the whole day shoppings, move to Pavilion and ended there with Big Boss & Families for dinner reunion.....
The Twins ready to go for shopping today.

Wo...serious jua...Bro!!! Binkhairi..

BinKhalis sems to relax......Bro!!!

TOPMAN, ZARA AND GUESS were their's favourite's shopping places.

We really enjoyed travelling with the Twin Princes....
Cali durang atu..... pandai mengatok!!! $$$

Views at KLCC.

Crowds and people around the Bukit Bintang nitely.....

Street dancers around Bukit Bintang.

Jangan Lupa urut kaki.....di sini!!

Instant sketch Artists along Bukit Bintang......

For food lover..don't missed this place...."FOOD REPUBLIC"

Next trip must go and see this at SEPANG...

We hope you enjoyed your trips....

Audition for KLCC....

Penang Food Promo..good real tastes!!!


It's time to go home now.!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Arab-families @ Kristal FM....

Ahlan, Marhabban,Mabruk!!!
Alhamdulilah! today another historical day for the Arab-families being invited to an exclusive interviewed by Dj. Jenny at Radio Kristal FM.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the Simpur Dst. Officials.
Millions words of "THANK YOU" to all readers, supporters and voters, without your supports this would not be a reality.
Not forgetting to all our KB.Bloggers....Millions of thanks. Actually winning this categories symbolised and represent KB. Bloggers.

"As for me its not a matter of winning but as a matter of Success, Happiness and Satisfaction"
"Thank you to all my members of my families far and near."

Prizes presentation were also done today at the Kristal FM office.
"It is imperative that we blog for genuine reasons and most importantly to inspire the young generation......... So let's remind ourselves to blog in good faith."

Best moments with the Crew's Kristal FM today.....

Lists of prizes that were given to the Best Specialty Blog this year.... thank you to all the generous sponsors.

All prizes and goddies were distributed among my families home, for their supports and inspirations!!! mabruk!!!

My World, My Say and My Inspirations.

I'm not a writer but I can write,

I do not have good grammers but I can Speak,

I'm not a photographer but I can take pictures,

I'm not a journalist but I can reports in my blog,

I'm not small but I have big families,

I'm not famous but I won the specialty blog ,

I'm not young but I can blog at my age,

I do not have lots of things but I have that "BIG families Hearts"!

I'm BinKhalid from

Once again......thank you for your readerships......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arab-families @ Radio " KRISTAL FM"

Just to let you all know,
Arab-families are invited to be guests of DJ Jenny in her Radio Show Kristal FM, tomorrow 27.2.2008 at 1pm.
It will be my exclusive Radio interview after being nominate
" Best Specialty Blog 2008 ".
...Please tune in and give me your moral support.
Join me over the radio of chats and international music!
Mabruk!!!! thank you for your supports and readerships!!!

Interesting places, shows and people.... we saw.....

Ahlan, Marhabban, Mabruk!!!,
We came across with so many interesting articles to posts in this humble blog during our short trips holidays recently with the Arab-families.
From peoples we saw, places we seen, musics we heard, food we ate and so on.....
macam..macam....ada!!! Mabruk!!!

The Arab-families in one of the famous shopping areas.

You see who we met while we were there?

Yes, another arab-families from Al-Saggoff Mashoore
(small world yeh!!!)

New and most popular places to Pavilion Plaza...
A La Turka Ice Cream man...

Another way of relaxing.....areas.

Some of the Middle East food promotions. ..offers
Ala Tarbush and the shisha man.
Another street performers at nite around Bukit Bintang...Street

SuperExecutive Express ....Bus

A popular cartoon Man.... at Bukit Bintang Street....