Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arab-families...Feature Blog of the week

Thank you to Simpur...Blogging Nation......for the nomination......
appreciation's from all members of our Arab-
pictures of arab families......hope you like it........tq.

Words of millions thanks to you all readers..........from arab-families

Aii.. thank you Simpur for nominating my blog as feature blog of the week! Nda sangka sangka! Ada jua recognition ah!! Orang tua tua kali memblog ah!!
Seriously I'm new in this and I'm really glad I did. It has brought many positive developments to my family and friends. I'm able to share our photos and experiences with our family and friends around the globe. At the same time, I'm able to make new friends.
Ever since Juan Pablo left for his studies, we are left with no one to document our family gatherings. So, we very much try to fill in his shoes.. Pablo atu pengasas kami kali ahh!! Even my daugther Cici wants be like him. So I bought a SLR camera for her..(

Arab families - a nickname created for my own family, based on whichmy grandfather, Shaikh Said Al-Hijazi first came to BruneiDarussalam in 1934. The blog documents about Arab families' history and activities which serve the purpose to unite the family and get current generation of Arab families to know more about their roots. At the same time, the blog is able to unite distant Arab families'relatives and friends around the globe. I hope this blog will inspire other families to do the same for their respective families.

Thank you simpur once again, all readers, and every members of my families for your kind date..."Selamat Berpuasa "

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