Sunday, December 23, 2007

YA-NUR TRADING.....celebrated "MAJLIS KORBAN"..with arab-families..

Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar Walilahillham......
Majlis Korban and Aqiqah were held yesterday 22th.12.2207, at Ya-Nur Trading in Lumut.
Present as the Guest of Honour was YB.Hj Mohd Shafiee Ahmad as the Ketua Kampong of Lumut 1.

A cow and a goat were slaughter yesterday for this year Korban ceremony.....also present the CEO of Serikandi Group....Shaikh Khalid Sh.Ahmad......

Ya-NurTrading held this event annually with the aimed to contribute and also to inspire other business organisations in
Lumut areas to promote theirs business community programmes especially in religious activities..
"The ceremony was held as part of the obligatory duty of a Muslim to assist the less fortunate and underprivileged, in particular, residents of the Mukim."

(Says..The CEO of Serikandi Group)

The event also organised by arab-families.....brothers and sisters......for Korban..

This event aimed to inspire others and to encourage cooperation among the business community programmes....... in Lumut areas especially in religious activities.
BinKhalid with the Guest of Honour.....YB. Hj Mohd Shafiee distributing the scarified meat to one of the residents.....
Aquiqah ceremony also takes place.......
This is the third year Ya-Nur Trading held the Korban ceremony in this retail store....

and this is the annual religious Serikandi Group.

The event commences with a recital of Surah Al-Fatihah and followed an advice speech to the Mukim Villagers by the Guest of Honour.

Ya-Nur Trading retail store begin operating many years ago and it is part of Serikandi Group.

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