Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Arab-families @ Kristal FM....

Ahlan, Marhabban,Mabruk!!!
Alhamdulilah! today another historical day for the Arab-families being invited to an exclusive interviewed by Dj. Jenny at Radio Kristal FM.
Upon arrival we were greeted by the Simpur Dst. Officials.
Millions words of "THANK YOU" to all readers, supporters and voters, without your supports this would not be a reality.
Not forgetting to all our KB.Bloggers....Millions of thanks. Actually winning this categories symbolised and represent KB. Bloggers.

"As for me its not a matter of winning but as a matter of Success, Happiness and Satisfaction"
"Thank you to all my members of my families far and near."

Prizes presentation were also done today at the Kristal FM office.
"It is imperative that we blog for genuine reasons and most importantly to inspire the young generation......... So let's remind ourselves to blog in good faith."

Best moments with the Crew's Kristal FM today.....

Lists of prizes that were given to the Best Specialty Blog this year.... thank you to all the generous sponsors.

All prizes and goddies were distributed among my families home, for their supports and inspirations!!! mabruk!!!

My World, My Say and My Inspirations.

I'm not a writer but I can write,

I do not have good grammers but I can Speak,

I'm not a photographer but I can take pictures,

I'm not a journalist but I can reports in my blog,

I'm not small but I have big families,

I'm not famous but I won the specialty blog ,

I'm not young but I can blog at my age,

I do not have lots of things but I have that "BIG families Hearts"!

I'm BinKhalid from

Once again......thank you for your readerships......

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