Friday, February 8, 2008

Arab-families @ SMEs Workshop......

Workshop focuses on Development of marketing Services for Brunei SME's,

were attended by 36 SMEs and 14 others from related government agencies.

(Also included 2 participants from Serikandi's Group.)

BinKhalid with Mdm.Tiff from Serikandi Group

were invited in the 2days workshop recently,

by MIPR.

As a follow-up to a survey conducted by a marketing consultant appointed by the Commonwealth Secretariat, United Kingdom, last year, a two-days workshop on the ' SMEs DEVELOPMENTS" were held on the 5th-6th. February 2008 recently.

The workshop were officially opened by Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Prime Resources, Dato Paduka Hj. Mohd Hamid bin Hj.Mohd. Jaafar.

(Below were some of the photos taken during the two-days workshops.)

The Certificates Presentations...

Binkhalid during the closing ceremony.....

Break for 10 minutes...streching.....

Interviewed by RTB ..during the workshop.

Being interviewed by RTB...

" Marketing issues major concern to SMEs...."

Mr.Roland Charles delivering his texts.....

"The Government will continue in its efforts to create opportunities for Brunei SMEs. "

Break time.....
" They will continue with the "Private-Public Partnership" approach in achieving economic diversification."

Taking a break..

"SME's marketing Services as one of the key success.....for SMEs"

Mr.Allan Lai an active participant.....

"to provide more relevant and realistic recommendations

to provide marketing support services to the SMEs"

Asking for an example of successful SME's around the region....

Mdm.Tiff as one of the participants on the 2 days workshop.

Discussions going on.... during the coffee breaks.....

listening to one another during a group discussions....

Giving his views and ideas..... (202)

Mr. Roland Charles...
Women entrepreneurs

binKhalid as one of the participants

exchanging business cards

"It is most importantly to identified a range of short,

medium and long term stategies and mechanisms

that could ensure an effectivness and

relevant marketing support services to Brunei SMEs"
"There is a need to look at various marketing programmes
that have been initiated to facilitate SME developments. "

One of the participant delivering her experiences...

Particpants start to introduce themself to one another.

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