Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cast Your Votes before..... 15.2.2008

Ahlan, Marhabban, Mabruk!!!

Hallo people...how are you today?....

Bro Alin from Kurapak.com..say

"are you ok....if not lets go karaoke...bawa berehat, bawa megajan... dan relex"

Just a remainder to cast your vote before 15th.Feb.2008..

Have you vote?....Votes.....Votes.....Votes for Arab-families...

As for me its not a matter of winning but as matters of satifsfactions and happiness...

on doing thing I like to do for myself and for others to appreciate.....

I just being happy now that I managed to pop in this humble blog of mine,

145 posts up to today for a year of blogging.

"Happiness! Its something that all of us want but a few of us ever achieve!"

For me blogging make me Happy...

" It is charaterized by feeling of gratitude, inner peace, satisfaction,

and affection for myself and for others."

"All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts"

"Not forgetting he is also a successful entrepreneur, being the CEO of Seri Kandi Group of Companies and is also a doting father of four children. Perpetuating core values in family, he also strongly upholds their Arab heritage. On top of that, he inspired his children to start their own blog, well like the saying goes, ‘it runs in the family’.. "
(wrote by KB.Happening.blogspot.com)

(Pic. rompak from KB.Blogger Nite recently...)

Someone wrote this recently to me....by Princess KB

"Well Shaikh Khalid, the author of Arab Families is recognized for his achievement and generosity towards uniting bloggers in a gathering at Seri Kandi right here in town."

"In addition to that, snapshots posted in his blog reflect warmth and his sincere efforts to foster closer relations among his family members by making sure they participate in every activity he conducts."

"I don't see things as they are, I see them as I am."

Once again....good luck!!! thank you for your readership.

thank you for voting and your super support on reading and visiting this humble blog.

"People are just happy as they make up their mind to be"

from: arab-families.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

rOCK oN SHEIK! maKe KB proud!