Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interesting places, shows and people.... we saw.....

Ahlan, Marhabban, Mabruk!!!,
We came across with so many interesting articles to posts in this humble blog during our short trips holidays recently with the Arab-families.
From peoples we saw, places we seen, musics we heard, food we ate and so on.....
macam..macam....ada!!! Mabruk!!!

The Arab-families in one of the famous shopping areas.

You see who we met while we were there?

Yes, another arab-families from Al-Saggoff Mashoore
(small world yeh!!!)

New and most popular places to eat....in Pavilion Plaza...
A La Turka Ice Cream man...

Another way of relaxing.....areas.

Some of the Middle East food promotions. ..offers
Ala Tarbush and the shisha man.
Another street performers at nite around Bukit Bintang...Street

SuperExecutive Express ....Bus

A popular cartoon Man.... at Bukit Bintang Street....

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