Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arabian Princess New Blog

Ahlan... Marhabban...Mabruk!!!
Once again thanks to the members of the organising Committees for the good job welldone!!!
1st .KB.Bloggers Nite 2008....and

after that nite......
Today another new blog is borned....from arab-families.

Congratulation!!! Princess Rara.

Photog taken by anakbrunei....(compliments for the good images)

(Princess Rara....from arab-families )

Just remember why do people own a blog?....or why do people blog?......

Here I extrected some advices and speeches by the well known......

on the 1st.KB.Bloggers Nite 2008 recently

what Bro. Marul have to say about blogging........ (see below)

(Texts.. below.... by Senor Pablo)

"To me blogging serves as a mind therapy and I see it as another way to sharpen my writing skills.

Therefore I believe that all of you blog with different objectives in mind, be it to portray the local scenes through information and photos,

to share your creative snapshots and writing and most interesting topic which appeals to all .. FOOD.. where bloggers are generous to share their recipes and post the delectable outcome.

I consider Blogging as a window of life too,

where you peek into a person’s daily existence and career as well as the bond they share with their respective families. So rejoice, learn and take a positive outcome from all this and be constructive rather than judgmental.

In my line of work,

it is crucial to keep ourselves updated with national interest’s stories and I find myself obtaining more honest, transparent and knowledgeable information from our local blogs. It’s like another side dish to feed the mind.

As time evolves, let’s just hope blogging will not turn to be another fad or just a medium for individuals to be on the spotlight.

It is imperative that we blog for genuine reasons and most importantly to inspire the younger generations. So let’s remind ourselves to blog in good faith. " (Senor pablo)

(Above)...Speech by our ChairLady......from KB. Princess

(Above).....Gambus by "Gambus Kunci Batu" of Kay Bee.....

KB....Rocks the Gambus!!!

Once again thanking you all for the support....



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