Monday, January 28, 2008

Nomination for Best Speciality Blogs."ARAB-FAMILIES"

Hello People........ Ahlan..wasshalan...Marhabban!!!
My goodness me..
I was so busy preparing and arranging the 1st KB Bloggers event that I forgot about the nomination for Best Speciality Blogs..

Thank you to Senor Pablo who just reminded me..heheeee...
In case you forgot, I started blogging a year now and I really enjoyed sharing with you posts of my family background and the happenings in my family.

Through Blogs, I'm able to interact with other bloggers including those in my district. heheee.. the memories of last Saturday night event still fresh in my mind.

Bah!. Lakas tah campaign!!!!
If you think my blog deserve to be among the top 5 best blogs.....
Please send email to DST Simpur before closing date of 30th January 2008/. Two more days people!

Thank you all readers for you kind support..

Send your email to:

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