Monday, February 18, 2008

Double Happiness for Arab-Families @ 18/2/2008

Happy 16th. Birthday to

our Arab Twin!!!

(..just taken today lunch when d boys returned from school.)

Ahlan, Marhabban, Mabruk!!!
To all of our valued readers, today, the 18th of February means alot to Arab-Families, today is the day where our twin princes, BinKhairi and BinKhalis turned 16 and where our blog is nominated as the winner of Simpur Blogging Nation (specialty blog)! we thank everybody for your/ their supports, votes for our blog, and thank you for your readership to this humble blog, syukran!!!!
Dengan ucapan semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan dapat mencapai segala cita2 kamu semua!!! Amin!!!
Daripada; Ayah, mama dan semua keluarga di rumah.

Identical Twins Arab-families Princes.
Borned in KB. Hospital on the 18th.Feb.1992
(Just 7 minutes different from twin 1 and twin 2)

can you guess which is twin 1 and twin 2?

D'twin best moments with D'KURAPAK'S and crews.......

(Bro.Alin and Wandi)


Semasa khatamal Al-Quraan di Sekolah Ugama KB.
BinKhalis is the twin 2.......

Cute posts ...unta junior............

Arab-families.......United families

We thank you for your readership, supports and Votes...

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